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All About How To Write A Low Budget Screenplay For Screenwriters: #6 Finding Your Idea

Here’s the first thing, there’s no perfect idea.

Original Ideas

And there are almost no original ideas!

Original ideas for screenplays are rare. Phew. In some ways this is a relief. Why does that matter? So you can take the pressure off of yourself. This is a blessing and a relief.

Where Do Screenplay Ideas Come From

Once you're off the hook to create something so rare and precious, then what?

You know there are no perfect ideas.

You know there are almost no original ideas.

Once you know that, you can do a few things to find an idea for your low budget script:

· Generate a bunch of crappy ideas

· Put some of those together

· Look at good ideas in storytelling that appeal to you

· Borrow attributes from good ideas and apply them where possible

· Add your special touch to good ideas that you find

· Narrow down to some of the best ideas

· Get some feedback from people you trust (in storytelling)

· Go with the best of what you come up with

Get Your Script Ideas Organized Or In One Place

The very first thing is to set up a simple system to keep track of the ideas when they just spring up, so you can find that information when you want it. Maybe that’s the voice recorder on your phone, or a crappy little notebook in your pocket, or 1 file in your computer or in the cloud so you can always access it. Whatever is easy. And understand that audiences like a variation on ideas they already know and enjoy. Something familiar with a twist.

While it's not rocket science, keeping your ideas someplace where you can find them needs to be easy to do and remember.

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