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All About How To Write A Low Budget Screenplay: #5 Who Buys Scripts

Before you go through the effort to write and complete a low budget script, it's a good idea to ask that important question. Once your script is completed, who will buy it?

Who Buys Low Budget Scripts

Looking at the movie and entertainment marketplace, there are several possible buyers. Purchasers may include producers, production companies, actors or directors seeking material to feature their talents, distribution companies, streaming companies, as well as agents and managers seeking new vehicles for their clients. While it’s not the most likely destination for your screenplay, it is possible that your script could be adapted for other media, such as podcasts, audio, print or ebooks, graphic novel, news or magazine articles, video game platforms. These adaptations would most likely utilize the storyline, characters or some other facet of the script rather than the entire work, but that is still a secondary market to consider. Your first stop should be to the producers with production companies that are making movies like you want to write, and are writing.

Why Are Low Budget Screenplays Attractive

The issue of why low budget scripts are attractive may seem obvious. Despite that, let’s drill down into why they are attractive. The first reason that low budget scripts are attractive to buyers is a reduced risk for the investment. It’s a lower possible investment for greater reward. The next is that a solid lower budget script can usually be adjusted for a bigger budget if necessary (with a few exceptions). That makes them more flexible than higher budgeted projects, which often cannot be realistically reduced without material changes to the story. And lastly, you may consider producing your own work in order to get it out into the world, and a low budget film is a great place for you to start.

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