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All About How To Write A Low Budget Screenplay For Screenwriters: #7 Generating Many Ideas

It's time to relax. You need to come up with many ideas, often. It's a good idea to become in the habit of generating ideas regularly.

Jot Down Screenplay Ideas Morning And Night

What is the best way to build a habit of coming up with lots of ideas? You need to build that muscle by spending as little as 3 minutes just writing a bunch of ideas down. Any time, any where, morning, night, in your phone, on paper, wherever.

Build You Muscle Memory To Generate Script Ideas

It’s a great habit. You’ll have lots of so-so, mediocre, and plain awful ideas, that it will be hilarious. As you come up with them – don’t judge! That’s a separate function. Just make a bunch. Making and editing are separate actions for your brain.

Set that time for a few minutes, scribble many ideas down. AFTER the timer goes off, then look at him, underlining the ones that grab you. If you keep coming back to certain ideas that’s a sign that maybe you have something promising. The point initially is to come up with bunches of ideas, then select the better ones.

Genre and idea are a version of cart and horse. Maybe you can come up with the idea first, then mold it into a genre. There are many people who work that way. Some ideas are super flexible, either they are open, or simple frameworks that can be shaped into a certain type of story.

Fitting Your Script Idea Into A Genre

Many ideas can fit several different genres.Genres are a certain flavor, or type of story.

The idea of a kid being left all alone for an extended period in his house is a pretty simple idea. You could make that into a horror movie (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY) or a comedy (HOME ALONE). Use your knowledge and love of certain movies to guide you in this process. You can select a certain genre and come up with ideas, or you come up with a bunch of ideas, than let them try on certain genres, like outfits and see if they fit.

Genre informs so much of what screenwriters do and we'll be covering it in further detail!

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