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Welcome to A Flick Chick NYC!!

Helpful Resources for Screenwriters and Filmmakers

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The goal of A Flick Chick is straightforward is to focus on signals of success and build momentum in your filmmaking and screenwriting journey by offering action-based strategies.

A Flick Chick NYC:

1. Shares Encouragement

2. Offers Tools

3. Promotes Productivity

in screenwriting, the movie business, and filmmaking.

LOUD LOUD LOUD - Too Much Noise & Information

Want to know what's easy to use, or a time saver? I'll share whatever I find. There are a ton of resources and information. However, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Creators - whether working as filmmakers, screenwriters, or content creators - need to guard both time and energy. Resources, tools, information, and ideas shared here will be vetted. Just the best.

My wish for you

I'm hoping to offer you: Encouragement so that you can Build & Sustain Motivation (YAY); with Tools to Take Action, Increasing Your Momentum (Double YAYAY); resulting in Productivity in the form of Measurable Results.

Upcoming blog topics will feature filmmaking tools, screenwriting hacks, movie news, motivational and inspirational resources as well. Over many years of teaching in media and film, I have heard the same questions repeatedly. I'll share the answers to those, and whatever I can to help you learn about the movie business, screenwriting and independent film landscape.

Thanks For Dropping In

You can create momentum in your screenwriting and filmmaking work today, one skill and one step at a time. Start today!

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