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For Writers with a Feature Feature Screenplay from 80-120 pages, our signature Feature Film Script Notes deliver an overall score, 2-pages of studio-style notes with encouragement, feedback and direction on your writing journey with a 3-Day Delivery.


Whether you are new, emerging or an experienced writer, this actionable and professional feedback will help you elevate your script, led by a team of highly skilled and experienced female screenwriters. We understand the power of storytelling from writers of all skill levels and are dedicated to empowering writers in the film industry. 


Our notes are honest and constructive, with an overall score and direction to improve character, plot, dialogue, genre and dramatic content while deepening your work.

Feature Film Script Notes Service

  • No refunds or exchanges. Payment in full is required before reading will begin. Script must be in PDF format.

  • Email delivery of PDF notes to the email account associated with the payment used to purchase the notes. 

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