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Are you a screenwriter looking to make a great impression with your screenplay? Our Script Proofreading and Spell Check service will help you create a marketable script with flawless grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


Our team of experienced proofreaders will meticulously review your script to ensure that it is polished and professional. Whether you're submitting your script to agents, producers, or competitions, our service will give you the confidence that your script is the best it can be. Don't let spelling and grammar mistakes hold back your script - let us help you make it shine.


What you get

  • Proofreading Of Your Entire Script With Notes And Comments For Correction
  • Spell Check With Corrections Made
  • Formatting Notes Where Improvements Can Be Made


This is an Add On Service Only if purchased with any notes. Please submit your project in a native screenplay file, (.fdx) such as Final Draft, Fade-In, Writer Duet or Celtx. 

Script Proofreading and Spell Check

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