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Daydream and Plan To Help Counter The #Blues

Some days, creativity (and functioning) are harder than others.

When Weather Outside Feels Like My Insides

Cloudy rainy day got you down? Maybe you’ve been experiencing a bit of #writersblock or  you’ve been having difficulty getting yourself up and your #creative juices flowing in the morning? There’s  something in the air this year that seems to be effecting everyone in the same way, especially  creatives. Seasonal #depression on cold, wet and cloudy days can certainly make a melancholy day (or series of them) feel never ending, and it’s perfectly okay to take a break and hibernate for a while!

How We Can Interrupt Depression

But since #Spring has officially sprung and warmer, sunnier days are just ahead, now is the perfect time to dig out your old #dreams and start planning for the future that you want.  Depression is a serious condition and requires treatment, but sometimes our internal weather fluctuates with the amount of sunshine available. Cloudy, dreary, rainy and cold days are depressing - which is different than a medical condition. What can we do about it?

Creativity Is Hard Work

Being a creative is hard work because often times, there isn’t just one path to follow. The  endless possibilities can quickly become exhausting - even paralyzing. Overwhelm and burnout are real dangers for creative people. 

Feelings Matter

But the best thing that you can do for yourself is to acknowledge your feelings (they matter). Emotional management is time management - so do something good for your feelings - initiate a Practice - such as visualization, daydreaming, breathing, stretching, movement, vocalizing, reaching out to friends - and plan!

Planning Can Help Stave Off Paralysis

Planning in a focused way is a proactive and hopeful way to add direction to your work. Planning offers motivation as you  make progress, give you a way to measure your progress, get you excited, and activate you to  actually DO what you want to be doing. Just plan 1 thing - and get going! Taking action is a surefire way to bring the zest back to your creativity. And best of all, making the decision to plan can help you stave off any self doubt  or overwhelming feelings that may have started to overpower you.  

Daydreaming And Visualization Are Inspirational

So, what does that mean and where should you begin? By daydreaming. All of those videos on #TikTok telling you to #manifest may have more stock in them than you think. "Manifesting is the practice of thinking thoughts with the purpose of making them real, and the  term has become very popular. With fans and critics alike, creative visualization is where  planning begins, whether you call it manifestation or meditation. The idea is that you’re open to  creating your dreams – and that’s the key. Once you are clear on your dreams and goals, then select just one action - and get started.” 

Trust Your Feelings Then Do Something

So the next time you feel stuck, unmotivated, or overwhelmed; stop, breathe, and let your  mind wander. You never know what ideas and plans might come to you.

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